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  •  Go into https://familysearch.org/
  • Narrowing Your Search With Filters:   We are going to try and find out when James Wade Hollan died. We know he was born in 1857 in Texas.
    • Enter in James Wade (First Names) Hollan (Last Names).  You will have 168,000 + results.
    • On left panel click the small arrow to the right of Birthplace and select United States. (48,000 + results now).  On left panel click the small arrow to the right of United States and select Texas (now 3,000+ results). 
    • On left panel, click the small arrow to the right of Birth Year and select 1800 (900+ results now).  On left panel, click the small arrow to the right of 1800 and select 1850 (now 75 results).
    • The first and second results are the correct person. By clicking on his name, and then the image find the cause of his death.
    • Take a family name from your pedigree and try and find them by using filters for an event.
    • Note:  You can clear the filters by selecting the X next to each filter.  OR clear all values and start again by selecting the FamilySearch logo on the top bar of the page.
  • Using wild cards: We want to find James Wade Hollan in the 1880 census and he can’t be found by using his correct name.  We can search to see if he can be found in the 1880 census by using commonly known modifications of his name.
    • Enter James Wade (First Names) Hollan? (Last Names) – make sure you add ?  to the end of Hollan.   We could filter the results further by collection or residence, but the correct match is listed first. In the 1880 Census he was recorded as James Wade Holland – by adding the ? at the end of Hollan the search engine looked for Hollan and any single letter following Hollan – thus found him listed as Holland.
  • Add Relationship Filter:   This is an extremely powerful tool to find a hard-to-find ancestor. We are going to find the maiden name and any possible children born to Charles Roth.  All we know is his wife’s name is Augusta and they lived in Texas.
    • Enter Augusta in First Names.
    • Next to “Search by Relationships:” select Spouse and enter Charles for Spouse’s First Names and Roth for Spouse’s Last Names.
    • Select the “Search” button.
    • The first result is Augusta Roth and Charles Roth in the 1920 Census living in Gonzales, Texas – MATCH.  We can see the children that were living at home with them at that time.  By looking further down on the results list, about 5th down on the results list we see Augusta Stoeltje listed on a Birth Certificate for Lottie Roth.   Lottie Roth is listed as a child in the 1910 census as being a child 10 years of age -- MATCH.  So we can know then that Augusta’s maiden name is Stoeltje.
    • If you view the birth certificate image, we see that it is actually an “Amendment to Certificate of Birth” for Lottie Roth.  The correct place of birth, date of birth, name of child, father, and mother are listed as well as mention made to a certified copy of marriage of the parents (Oct 19, 1899 in Lavaca County, TX) and an affidavit of Mrs. Alfred R. Belitz (sister to Lottie)!  JACKPOT!!!!    ALWAYS LOOK AT THE IMAGES as you never know what you will find.
    • Take one of your family names and try and find them by using the relationship filter. The relationship filter is especially helpful in finding last names for people in your file that you have only a first name.

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