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    Information in this database includes the age, country of origin, ports of departure and arrival, the company leader assigned to each voyage, and general voyage information. This index also contains transcriptions of autobiographies, journals, diaries, and letters of approximately 1,000 passengers. These immigrant accounts are linked to over 500 known LDS companies and provide a composite account of those who crossed the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to gather in Zion. Other people who took part in these voyages, but who were not members of the LDS Church, are also listed in this index.

The Index is available at the Lindon Family History Portal Site. It is also available online at mormonmigration.lib.byu.edu/


    TASK:   1. Find the Mormon Immigration Index website. It should be one of the programs on the Family History Portal Site (same list that Ancestry.com is listed on). If that link cannot be found, go to the link listed above.

    2. In the Search Box, enter the name “Martha Eynon”.

    3. The Search Results show that Martha Eynon was listed as a passenger on the ship “Hartley” from Liverpool to New Orleans which sailed from 5 Mar 1849 - 28 Apr 1849. 

    4. Select the link Liverpool to New Orleans on the Hartley on the website. It lists the Sources used to compile the information. Under the section “Voyage Accounts”  see the 6 sources describing more details about this specific voyage.  If Martha Eynon were listed specifically in any of these accounts, it would list it under the specific voyage account. Browse through some or all of the Voyage Account links to learn about the conditions and experiences of the people on this ship.

    5. Use the back arrow to go back a page on the website to where the Search Results are listed. Under PASSENGERS, select Eynon, Martha.  This gives specific information about Martha Eynon.  Additional family members on this voyage are also listed, with a link for each name.

    6. Use the back arrow again to go back to where the Search Results are listed.  Notice that another voyage is listed “Liverpool to Philadelphia on the Chimborazo”. Under Accounts, it lists a shortened version of a sentence with Martha Eynon highlighted. 

    7. Select the link Liverpool to Philadelphia on the Chimborazo.  Here is an example of where the name is specifically mentioned in a Voyage Account for this ship. By selecting the Voyage Account Link, we could see the context that this person was mentioned.  If you want to look at the original digital copy, click on the small books displayed on the right of the screen. This could be helpful to check for accurate transcriptions.

    8. Enter in a name of your own ancestor that immigrated and might be included in this database. Learn all you can learn about the migration and include your notes in your genealogy file.

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