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SOS Family History Training - June 1,  2015

This week’s training is how to change a living person to deceased, find possible duplicates and merge them in FamilySearch.org.  This way you can see all the photos and stories that others have uploaded once they make the same living person deceased as well. Watch the short 6 video below.  





Sharing Time by Patty Jensen

We must plunge into this work and get wet all over. We must prepare for some uphill climbing. This is not an easy task, but the Lord has placed it upon you, and He has placed it upon me.

He loves those children in the spirit world just as much as He loves you and me. He said about them, through the Prophet Joseph Smith, that all that we do for our own salvation must be done for the salvation of our dear ones, because salvation is the same for all.  --Thomas S. Monson, Los Angeles Temple Genealogical Library dedication, June 20, 1964.


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