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This week we will be watching a short 3 minute slide presentation on Family Search: Search Tips to help search for records on FamilySearch.org

Click on the link below to take you to the presentation. Read this first: Once you are on this site, click on the Finding Records Tab at the top and select the first lesson called Family Search:  Searching Tips

 FamilySearch: Search Tips

Family Search: Search Tips Exercise

  • Go to familysearch.org Ė Notice that the word Records is underlined which means you will be searching through the millions of records the church has been indexing. 
  • Type Clifton in the First names box and George in the Last Names box. Click
  • How many total hits did you get?  __________
  • To possibly narrow the search, Type his middle name Caswell after his first name located in the upper left hand corner and click 
  • How many total hits did you get this time? ___________
  • Clifton Caswell George was born in Florida about 1884 and died in 1934 in Florida. His wife is Martha, and his children are Pasley, Vennie Hazel, and Carlton. What two census records can you find close to the top of this page for Clifton C George?  ______________________________________
  • What website does Family search suggest you go to view the images? ____________
  • Letís narrow the search again. On the left side, click on Residence and type in Florida.  Also type in the year range - 1880 to 1940. (Reminder: he was born in 1884 and died in 1934. I like to search a few years before he was born and after he died).   
  • How many total hits did you get this time? ______________
  • How many census records do you find him in this time on the first page?  _________
  • (His fatherís name is William Estes, and his motherís name is Sidney Susan.) Which image can you view on Family Search? __________________
  • Close the Residence box by hovering over it and clicking the x in the right hand corner.             
  • Click on Birthplace and type Florida as the place and year range of birth 1883 to 1886
  • What new record do you see this time? ______________________________ View the image of this record.  If you donít have a complete birth date, this record is a great source.  He was married in 1904, so Mattie is Martha his wife. What color are his eyes and hair? ___________________  Who is his employer? _______________________
  • Now close the Birthplace box on the x, and scroll down a little.  Find Search with a relationship and click on Spouse to add his wifeís name Ė Martha Williams.
  • When was he married  ________________ and where? _______________________
  • Letís see if we can find anything about his death. Close the Search with relationship box on the x. Click Death and typeFlorida for the place and the year range 1930 to 1940.  He died in 1934 in Holmes county Florida. Can you find him?________
  • If you canít find him, click on one of the individuals in the Florida Death Index.  Directly below the No imageavailable, click on Search collection.  Try different searches like just his last name, his last name with Holmes, Florida as the place, etc.  Did you find him?
  • Try these exercises for one of your ancestors. (If you are having a hard time with someone from a different country, it will probably be easier if you find someone living in the US between 1870 and 1940.) 
  • Remember you can go back to the Home Page by clicking on the Family Search Tree located in the top left corner.               

Donít hesitate to call, text or email me if you have any questions.

Carol Hill, 801-380-9192, carollovesfamilyhistory@gmail.com

Happy Hunting!!


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