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SOS Family History Training - June 7, 2015

If you missed the Training last time, click  the link on the left, Last Week.


This week’s training is an update to FamilySearch.org. There are just a few changes to FamilySearch that I thought would be good to share with everyone.  Please watch this video and let me know if you have questions.




Sharing Time by Patty Jensen

Some of us have had occasion to wait for someone or something for a minute, an hour, a day, a week, or even a year. Can you imagine how our progenitors must feel, some of whom have perhaps been waiting for decades and even centuries for the temple work to be done for them? I have tried, in my mind's eye, to envision our progenitors who are anxiously waiting for those of us who are their descendants and are members of the Church on the earth to do our duty toward them. I have also thought what a dreadful feeling it would be for us to see them in the hereafter and have to acknowledge that we had not been as faithful as we should have been here on earth in performing these ordinances in their behalf. --Spencer W. Kimball, The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, 541.




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