February 26, 2017

Spiritual Quote by Patty

We feel when we go into these temples that we enjoy the Spirit of the Lord more fully than in any other place. They are the Lord's buildings, and His most important work is carried on within their walls. We are satisfied at least I am, and I believe many of the brethren look upon it in the same light that the most important work that Latter-day Saints can do on this earth is that of opening the door for the salvation of their kindred dead. There is but one way in which men can receive salvation, exaltation, and glory, and that is through the order of baptism and thee ordinances connected therewith. No mortal man or woman will ever receive celestial glory unless he or she has been baptized, receiving this ordinance personally or by proxy. That is the order that God has established.. Lorenzo Snow,  Deseret Weekly, 1893.

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Training: Find, Take, and Teach

For training this week, please take a look at this FamilySearch Blog post which shows how to help members have a a first time spiritual experience.  There are 7 videos and instruction that will help you with your ward temple and family history consultant calling. familysearch.org/blog/en/series/teaching-others-to-love-family-history/