April 15, 2019

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Training: Summarization of Elder Dale G Renlund’s talk on Organizing Temple and Family History Service at the Ward Level

Here’s a link to the FamilySearch Blog that contains a summary of Elder Renlund’s talk on organizing Temple and Family History Service at the Ward Level.  It also has links to the talks that were given.  My hope is that all ward councils will view Elder Renlund’s talk and begin a Ward Family History plan.

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Training: Create a Memories Book from FamilySearch

There is a new App called Memories Book f or creating a genealogy book from FamilySearch.  It will also create a coloring book that you can print out as well.  I tried it out, for now it looks like you don’t have control on what you would like in the book, but it would be a quick way to create one. 

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