February 5, 2018

Family History Quote

The genealogical society has spent years of time collecting [family history] information, and others spend years of time going into the House of the Lord to be baptized for those who are dead, to have husbands and wives and children sealed to one another, to unite the family as our Heavenly Father has instructed that we should do. It would be well if each of us would ask himself the question: What am I doing about it? Am I doing my part? Our Heavenly Father told the people through Joseph Smith that, unless we performed the work for our dead, we would lose our own blessings, and we would be cut off, and one of the very last things that the Prophet tried to do was to complete a temple in which the people could go and perform work for their dead. That is how important it is. It has to be done by someone.  Teachings of Presidents of the Church: George Albert Smith, 85


Training: how to Find and View Image Only Records on FamilySearch

Did you know there are still millions of records that haven’t been indexed yet?  Did you know that you can find and view image only (digitized) records on FamilySearch?  It’s pretty easy.  Watch this 11 minute video to learn how.