Last Time :    September 30, 2019

Family History Quote

 Brothers and sisters, it’s time to take the cover off our hatchets and go to work. We must not sacrifice our exaltation or that of our families for less important interests. 

”Elder Allan F. Packer, “The Book”,

Temple and Family History Calling

Take a look at the link below to see the new training on your Temple and Family History Calling You will also see training for leaders as well.  You can share this with your ward leaders

Your Calling.


Training: Update on BYU Family History Library

Have you looked at the BYU Family History Library website lately?  They have some awesome videos that will help with your family history.  Also, the BIG news is that they are going to be open every Sunday beginning on October 13th from noon until 8pm.  They have classes every other Sunday as well.  They also have slide, book, and photo scanners!!  Take a look at the link below to see what is available. 


Click here.