Last Time --- February 11, 2018

Family History Quote

Create your history as you live in the present, discover the past by learning of the stories of your ancestors, and shape the future by sharing your stories.  ”Elder Allan F. Packer of the Seventy


Training: Does He Belong In My Family? Or, How to use the Add an Unconnected Person to My FamilySearch Tree

When searching for records for a missing ancestor, have you ever come across people with the same surname that keep showing up as neighbors in census and other records? Are they part of your family? If you don’t yet know, but suspect they are, what do you do with them for future reference?  FamilySearch has a brilliant answer.  Go to the details page of your ancestor, at the very top of the page, over their name, click on Recents, scroll all the way down the drop-down box to Add Unconnected Person.  Put in the name of the possible relative with whatever information you have.  Whe you click Next, a new dialogue box will open which will suggest possible matches for that person.  If there isn’t a match, click onCreate New.  This new name will be given a PID number which you must record in the Notes on the page of the ancestor you think is related  FamilySearch can then begin looking for possible record matches and they may even find the connection you are seeking.  From Tom and Betsy Neil

Watch this 1 minute video if you have questions about adding the Unconnected person