New Consultant Training :  July 15, 2019

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Baily Freeman’s YouthFamily History Story

Today is January 9th 2019.  Me and my mom are in Hawaii to celebrate my birthday, which was yesterday, the 8th.  Today we were driving around the island when a little antique shop passed our glance as we drove by.  We quickly were drawn to it as we turned into the parking lot, almost passing it.  The shop was a little weird, with a lot of random stuff such as flags, old stamps, and even license plates.  As we looked around, I was drawn to a stack of old photographs.  While I flipped through, a small postcard with old worn writing on it caught my eye.  It was on the middle of the stack of pictures, obviously misplaced.  I looked at it for a while thinking if I should purchase it or not.  It was kind of ugly, but I felt a connection to it for some reason, so I decided to buy it.  A few hours later, I looked at the little post card and tried to decipher the name, to whom it was sent to, since the only name that was written for the sender was “Alice,” which wasn’t a lot to go off of.  We also figured out the address for the person.  It read, Miss May H. Wing. 993 Himmin Ave. Evanston, Illinois.  After deciphering the information, we plugged it into FamilySearch, just for fun, to see if we were related.  While we did this, I read something that game me chills.  The postcard was sent January 8th, 1917.  On my birthday! Which is really cool! But I didn’t think much of it, and thought it was just a coincidence.  However, when we plugged her info into FamilySearch, we found out that not only were we related, but she is my great Grandma Duva’s cousin!  Which makes her my 3rd cousin, I think, haha.  But anyways, I thought that this is pretty cool!  So I kept doing more research on her and found out that “Alice” (the sender of the card) was May’s little sister, writing to her about her trip to Oahu.  Excited, I kept doing research and the next thing I saw BLEW MY MIND!! Alice died on January 9th!! The day we bought this postcard was on the anniversary of her death! There’s no way that this can be a coincidence.  I believe that she helped put things in motion so that I could find this card, so that I will be able to do their work for them.  I’m excited to get started and I’m so grateful to have this experience.  Since finding this card, I have already found May’s husband and I’m hoping to have them sealed later this month!”


Training: Temples Will Not Be Returning Ordinance Cards

If you have attended a Utah County temple recently, you may have noticed a change in your ordinance cards.  Utah County temples are not going to be returning ordinance cards after you do that ordinance even if you have other ordinances on it to do. To learn about this change, click on the link below.  Here are couple of thoughts if you have a lot of cards printed.  When you take one to the temple, take a picture of that card and next time just print the one ordinance you need to do.  You will also receive an email when ordinances are done, so you can keep track of them in your Temple Reservation list on FamilySearch.  And, you can also look at your messages on FamilySearch.  The link below will also share how to do this.

 If you are going to do multiple ordinances that day, just let a temple worker know and you can do those on that same card.   Also, if you forget your card, you can take your phone and print the card at the temple.   See my video below on how to do this.  From now on, I think we need to get used to just printing or sharing the ordinances we are going to do that day.  So instead of having lots of cards printed, you can use your Ordinance Reservation list to keep track of what’s happening with your ordinances.  This will also help cut down on duplicates.  Who knows, one day maybe we will be paperless!!  

Click Here for the new policy change.