New Consultant Training :  January  27, 2020

Family History Quote

As a young 12-year-old Scout, I received a gift of a much-desired addition to my Scouting equipment. It was a hatchet with a heavy leather cover! On the next overnight hike, we arrived in camp after dark, wet and cold from the heavy snow on the trail. All I could think about was building a big roaring fire. I immediately went to work chopping a fallen tree with my new hatchet. As I chopped, I was frustrated because it didn’t seem to be cutting very well. In my frustration, I worked harder. Disappointed, I returned to camp with only a few pieces of wood. By the light of someone else’s fire, I discovered the problem. I hadn’t taken the cover off the hatchet. I can report, however, the cover was chopped to shreds. The lesson: I became distracted with other things.

Elder Allan F. Packer, “The Book”,

Temple and Family History Calling

Take a look at the link below to see the new training on your Temple and Family History Calling You will also see training for leaders as well.  You can share this with your ward leaders

Your Calling.


Training: New Feature - My Contributions in the FamilySearch Mobile App

Did you hear that there is a new feature for the Mobile App called My Contributions?  You can see what contributions you have made since 2012.  It tells you how many sources, memories, and persons you have added, plus changes you have made and living people you have added.  Check out this short video to see how it works and then find it in your mobile app and share it with others.  This feature will also be available online from your computer at a future date.