New Consultant Training :  June 15, 2020

Family History Quote

What do you suppose the fathers would say if they could speak from the dead? Would they not say, “We have lain here thousands of years, here in this prison house, waiting for this dispensation to come? Here we are, bound and fettered, in the association of those who are filthy?” What would they whisper in our ears? Why, if they had the power the very thunders of heaven would be in our ears, if we could but realize the importance of the work we are engaged in. All the angels in heaven are looking at this little handful of people, and stimulating them to the salvation of the human family. So also are the devils in hell looking at this people, too, and trying to overthrow us, and the people are still shaking hands with the servants of the devil, instead of sanctifying themselves and calling upon the Lord and doing the work which he has commanded us and put into our hands to do. When I think upon this subject, I want the tongues of seven thunders to wake up the people. “ Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, 8:304

If we can literally be "caught up" in any work in the church, it is this work relating to genealogical research and to the temples. This, because there is the spirit of Elijah. The prophets have spoken of it. The Saints have felt it; and following the inspiration of it they have come to the temple to do the sacred work for both the living and the dead. 

Boyd K. Packer, The Holy Temple, 210


Temple and Family History Calling

Take a look at the link below to see the new training on your Temple and Family History Calling You will also see training for leaders as well.  You can share this with your ward leaders

Your Calling.


Training:  Ancestry Academny

Did you know that has an  Academy where you can find so many videos that will help you in learning how to research in the area your ancestors lived in?  It’s free to use, but you can sign up if you like and save videos to watch later.  They also have videos on how to use newspapers, Fold3, find your ancestor’s military records, and so much more.  Click on the link below and pick a favorite video.  They have them divided into various topics with several short videos for each topic.  


Click Here.